About South Bay Biomics

South Bay Biomics, Inc. provides fast and affordable food and personal microbiome analysis. Traditional microbial analysis methods are time-intensive for labs to carry out and are inherently limited in analytical scope. The advent of next generation sequencing (NGS) provides a rapid and low cost information rich alternative to classical microbial testing methods, while offering the ability to identify and quantify low abundance and non-culturable (unexpected) microbes that are difficult or even impossible to identify by standard methods.

Our Founders

South Bay Biomics, Inc. was founded in 2016 by Renee JiJi, PhD and Jason Cooley, PhD with the mission to bring microbial testing into the modern era by providing high quality and cost-effective microbiome analysis for the micro food and brewery industries, as well as providing consumers with unprecedented access and information about their personal gut biome, all in a high-quality and sterile lab environment. 

Renee and Jason met during graduate school at Arizona State University, where they both earned PhD’s. Both Renee and Jason spent several years on the east coast as a function of winning prestigious awards to carry out postdoctoral research at ivy league institutions. Renee from the National Academies of Sciences and the National Institute of Health (NIH) first at the Naval Research Lab and subsequently Princeton, and Jason from the NIH and the American Heart Association at the University of Pennsylvania.

Renee is a renowned scholar in the fields of bio-analytical collection and its analysis, while Jason is a highly skilled and respected biochemist and microbiologist. In a nutshell, Jason is exceptional at recognizing problems of important biological significance and Renee is the artist who helps design methods to better understand them.

With a longing to return to California where they both grew up, Jason and Renee saw an increasing demand for microbiome analysis and jumped on the opportunity. FlavorDNA was born out of a love for beer, the perfect marriage of expertise, and a desire to be on the cutting edge of this exploding market in sunny Southern California.

Our Team

Jodi Masters
Chief Marketing Officer

Jodi is responsible for building South Bay Biomics’ brand, product development, distribution, and all related marketing, advertising and promotional activities.  She works to link our innovations to the customer-focused operations of the business, driving customer preference for SBB through all channels, every day.


Jotham Austin, PhD
Technical Consultant


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